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* "Shulamit sings against Shai Bachar’s stark piano and Frank London’s expansive Klezmer-tinged trumpet. "                               (Album Review, Financial Times (UK), 8/28/15)


* "Shulamit performs the music with haunting empathy in their original languages... A powerful, cathartic experience" (, 6/2015)


* "Shulamit goes beyond the usual melodies of these songs, featuring a cabaret concert without comparison... Frank London enters into duets with her that are heart-gripping" (Rosie Rosenzweig, Performing Arts Examiner for, 4/3/15)

* “yesterday, on the evening of the Holocaust Remembrance day, a crowd of hundreds gathered to listen to the presenting concert of “For you the sun will shine" in Tzavta Tel Aviv... I am not ashamed to admit I was filled by a mixture of  sadness and uprising feelings... I dived into the sounds and the beautiful musical arrangements and more than once I actually felt I was there...” ( Tirza Hechter  for 6/5/16)


I have been performing this unique repertoire  since 2006 in Israel and abroad for a wide range of audiences, and it has been an extraordinarily meaningful experience. Encountering this music allows both me and the audience to enter a dimension where, if only  for a moment , we can reach out to the pain intrinsic in the memory of the Holocaust with an intensity and healing potential  that only art can offer.


The project relies on the invaluable work of Maestro Francesco Lo Toro , founder and director of the Musica Judaica Institute of Barletta , who provided all the music for the program.

During the years I collaborated with different prominent musicians, amongst them Maestro Gavriel Maldonado, with whom I presented five of these songs  in a computer music version  in the  project Le Porte della Memoria at the 2006 Venice Biennale.


But it wasn't until I met Frank London and Shai Bachar in a concert we gave in New York at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in 2013 , that I knew I was finally ready to record. 

The sounds of Frank London, the composer, trumpeter and Grammy award winner for contemporary world music, together with those of the virtuoso Israeli-born New York pianist Shai Bachar, met immediately with my search for an interpretation that would resonate not only  the texts but also the quite otherwise unspeakable subtexts of the experience of the Shoa.


Both musicians enthusiastically agreed to collaborate with me on recording this project and the CD" For you the sun will shine -songs of women in the Shoa" was  successfully presented at the Women Studies Research Center in Brandeis in April 2015.



More reviews: 


“Singing in her magnificent voice was Shulamit... The result was deeply effective and Shulamit's extraordinary voice mingles nostalgically with the folkloric accompaniment." (Anna Foa - Osservatore Romano – The Vatican May, 2012)


“a powerful and convincing interpreter with warm and incisive tonalities, … intense feelings of suffering and living, with a sweet and inner feminine interpretation that wholly absorbed the singer and the audience.” (Renato Chiesa, Shalom, Rome 2005)


"...provides a profound, transparent and contemporary perspective on these songs... The approach is modern, her voice is full of power and pathos, and the electronic musical notes reinforce and echo the sentiments..." (Shlomo Israeli, Artistic Advisor to Israel Festival, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, January 2006 in Rome)



* Hear an interview on the project (via Tablet Magazine) tablet-magazine/a-lullaby-for-auschwitz


* Our press kit for the US and Canada (rock paper scissors)


* For North America concert bookings, please contact: Golden Land Concerts & Connections, Inc. ; 212-683-7816 Attention: Moishe Rosenfeld

A rare compilation of songs written by women, both Jewish and Gentile, in the Shoa. The heartbreaking texts and simple yet beautiful melodies offer a moving glimpse into the struggle for spiritual survival in the camps. Lullabies, songs of longing, rage, despair, hope and consolation, all rooted in a deeply felt and uniquely female personal perspective. The stories behind the songs are striking. Some were buried in the foundations of a death camp. For some, the composer is a phantom, a name and little more. Though the context is unfathomably grim, much of the material is heartrendingly life-affirming, and brimming with hope.



* "For You the Sun Will Shine is something quite new, different and essential... she sings lullabyes, kaddishes, Brecht-Weillian cabaret, parodies, anthems with a Socialist sway, prayers and death march waltzes, bitter, longing, enraged, despairing. Healing broken music, arrangers London and Bachar are by turns taciturn and elegant, stirring and experimental, trumpeter London especially the vigorous tummler, Bachar constant and nourishing as the rain." ( 2/16)





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